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DAY 10 -- Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Typing your paper's rough draft

DAY 9 -- Thursday, February 15, 2007

Create a correct problem-solution essay outline based on your blogged and work on wiki

DAY 8 -- Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Construct problem- solution essay outline

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DAY 6 -- Monday, February 12, 2007

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DAY 5 -- Friday, February 9, 2007

“Mt. Everest Spring 98 Expedition…summit success guaranteed: Cost $50,000” This was located on the magazine Outside. Who has $50,000 dollars anyways? The problem is that people are leaving too much trash on Mt. Everest and there excessively many bodies lying around Mt. Everest also. Tibetan yak drivers find useful things and bring it back home. Theses items are containers, cans, bottles, jars, etc. More than 4,000 had tried to climb Mt. Everest, 600 have succeeded and 142 have died trying to climb Mt. Everest. If the climbers just keep on leaving trash and garbage behind, then Mt. Everest will turn out to be like a junk yard. Too many people try too hard to climb Mt. Everest but failed, if you can’t climb or relocate yourself then give up, before you give up your life trying too hard to climb the mountain. I am an alarmist, I’m here to warn you about the dangerous things on Mt. Everest such as people leaving trash behind, and too many bodies are on Mt. Everest.
In the video “Death Zone”, the climbers are at a campsite and all you see around the campsite are piles of used oxygen tank all over the place. They have to walk around the oxygen tank to get to their tent to sleep and move around to use the bathroom. “Even on the South Col, the media likes to show photos of the same pile of old oxygen cylinders over and over again.” Also in the video “ Death Zone” you see the climbers talk about the people who died while trying to climb the mountain and you also see bodies lying everywhere. In the video, you see this person about to die because he couldn’t climb anymore so they had to call for help to come and get him to safety. In 2002, 175 climbers had died trying to climb Mt. Everest and majority of these bodies are being left behind on the mountain. People bodies are lost forever on Mt. Everest and never found again.
I am an alarmist and these are the dangerous things on Mt. Everest. People are leaving too much trash behind and too many bodies are on Mt. Everest is dangerous. Garbage is collected by the CTMA (China/ Tibet Mountaineering Association) and they remove the trash on the mountain. “The air is do dry that it causes water content in our blood to drop from 50 percent to 15 percent, making it sluggish and the body prone to frostbite.” Why pay so much just to climb a mountain that is so tall and so cold when you can use the money to go on a trip somewhere warmer than Mt. Everest. Climbing Mt. Everest is about $50,000 dollars it is a waste time and your money if you didn’t reach the top. If you die, while climbing Mt. Everest your body would never be found ever again. Pick up after yourself when you are on Mt. Everest, so that Mt. Everest would not look like a junk yard. Items are being buried under all those rock and dirt, maybe, that why Mt. Everest is so tall because of all the trash climbers have left behind.

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DAY 4 -- Thursday, February 8, 2007

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DAY 3-- Wednesday, February 7, 2007

State The Problem:
The problem is that kid at school are not turning in their homework or they are turning the homework in late.

Give Evidence:
  • Kids are getting bad grade
  • Not paying attention to what grade they are getting in class
  • Not paying attention to what the teacher is saying about the assiment
  • They are not doing the work because they don't feel like doing it

Explain Contributing Factors:

If you don't turn in your homework then you can't pass a class or you get a bad grade. If you turn your homework in late, you still get some points put you wont get full credit on your homework and you will get a bad grade. If you don't pay attention in class and to the teacher you will not understand what you are doing and you will not understand what the homework is all about.

Propose A Solution:

When you get your homework done and turn it in on time you will get a better grade in school. If you pay attention to the teacher and pay attention in class you will understand what the teacher is talking about and you will understand what the homework is about also. Doing better in school will help you get into college and will make your parents very happy and maybe they will let you go out more becasue you have a better grade in school now. So do what i say " TURN YOUR HOMEWORK IN ON TIME AND YOU WILL GET TO GO TO MORE PARTY!!"

DAY 2- -- Tuesday, February 6, 2007


DAY 1 -- Monday, February 5, 2007

If two of my best friend fight, i wouldn't know what to do but just ask them that since they are not firend then i wouldn't know what to do at all. We were best friend since forever and we can't just let this little problem get in the way of our friendship. If this doesn't work then i would tell them that since they are no longer friend then it is best that we all should not be friends anymore. This is how i feel and i am sad that they are no longer friend or that they don't get along with eachother. Why do they have to drag me into their problem they need to fit it by theirself and if that doesn't work then i'll try to help them too.


A problem that she raise from this article was that children are having rash and that the rash is coming from the behavior that they have in the past. Another thing that she brought up is that out of control kids are taking over or controling the middle school libary. I just wonder why would kids take over the libary. i thought that they hate the libary or don't like to go to the libary. Children are fighting in the hallways and if the school teacher see this then they would stay two hours after school. The article also say that kids don't drive on their own they depend on there parents.