Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotation #4

Returning To Laos: Hmong Fight A Bitter Return
In this article it talk abouthow you have to make the list for you to be able to come to the United State. Many Hmong fear that their relatives iwill in Laos will become another Vue Mai. The mystery of the Vue Mai's dissaperance has become a legend in the Hmong circle. In Spring, about 822 Hmong got on buses in Thailand and cross the Mekong River. When the Hmong went back to visit their relative they found out that someone die, dissappear, or never made it to a safe area yet. The Thai has been lying to the Hmong that if they go back to Laos then they are safe but when they went back to Laos they were refugees by international standards. The United Nation is defending the Thai about the change in the camp and moving the Hmong refugee.

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