Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotation #6

The New Faces Of Minnesota: What To Leave Behind?
This article talk about the Hmong refugee are arriving in Minnesota and the children of those who were refugee will decide what traditions to keep and which will die with their parents. The Hmong in Minnesota came from Laos and worked closely with the CIA during the Vietnam War. Thousand fled to Thailand as refugee and were unable to return to their country without risking death. The Hmong are in Minnesota because the American promised to take care of them in return of their help in fighting th North Vietnamese and the Communist Pathet Lao. To escape from the Communist the families head for a perious journey through Laos and across the Mekong River into Thailand. The Hmong culture will not go away easily we are able to adapt to about 50 to 70 percent of the way the American live and do things, but there are sone things that they can't change and it the way they get marrie. This article also talk about that in the Hmong culture offers women few roles beyond being a wife and mother. The Hmong still struggle to balance their strong culture heritage with the demands of the dominant American culture.

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