Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotation #7

Hmong Get Last Chance To Immigrate To U.S.
In this article it talks about the Hmong helping out the American with the war. The United State agreed to accept the Hmong under pressure from the Thailand, which provide no aid to the refugee and regards them as irritants. The United State will only accept those who have registered with the Thai government at the camp. For some of the Hmong refugee it will be their first time to aboard the plane. In Laos you could married as many women as you can but when you come to America you (the husband) can only registered only one wife and the other wife have to registered separately. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee say that " the Hmong will have an easier adjustment because they were place in different camps and had to adjust to the camps. Some of the refugee can't wait to reach the U.S. What the Hmong like most about the United State is the FREEDOM they have and they can go anywhere and do anything. This articles also talk about how the Hmong got to Thailand.

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