Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotation #5

Hmong Families: A World Apart--Door Closing: Dreams Dashed
This articles talk about how the Hmong in Thailand want to join their families in America. Thousand of Hmong tries to escape but the door to America is slam shut. The Hmong once enjoyed the entree into United States because of their alliance with America in the Vietnam War but now they have to get in lines with everyone else to be able to get to America. It say that reuniting families would require a special act from Congress or an administrative waiver by INS officials. In the articles it listed the percentage of the Southeast Asian immigration. The Hmong influx into the United States is likely slow considerably after teh Thailand closes its remaining refugee camp and sends their inhabitabts back to Laos. Spouese, unmarried minor children and parents of U.S. citizens are qualify for an unlimited number of immigrant visas to the United States and will not face the waiting period.

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